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NEC Lahore Pakistan.

NEC is serving the energy sector of Pakistan since Last 35 Years. Over the years the company has earned a good reputation and client’s confidence through delivering quality goods and back up service support. NEC has taken the initiative to embrace the challenge of combating corrosion ith most innovative tools and acumen.

NEC: has set up an exclusive section to provide integrated series of materials such as anodes, backfills, cables, and other related accessories. Equipped with technical manpower, equipment and most importantly the expertise to carry out any cathodic protection work that may be required.

NEC services are available on a very competitive basis and are always carried out to recognize international standards It is our policy to try and fulfill our clients requirements, whiles carefully considering the economics and alternatives available to them, thus ensuring the most cost effective systems are installed, within their budgets.

NEC specializes in design, construction, testing & commissioning of Sacrificial & Impressed Current cathodic Protection System for onshore-buried pipelines, tank bottom protection and for other on plot metallic structures.

With a collective experience of over 35 years our mission is to provide corrosion control services for the oil gas, petrochemical, mechanical and civil construction industries with the full spectrum of requirements needed during the design, installation, and maintenance phase.
Providing cost effective solution to our clients in corrosion related material & problems by applying innovative and sound engineering practices.

• Quality, professional ethics and integrity shall bears the prime importance and always be preserved.
• Synergy between science and engineering praties is vital for client satisfaction.
• Understanding clients operations is essential to develop practical solution to their problems.

Commitment to excellence in the Quality of our workmanship.
To give personal attention by ensuring that our services are responsive to the need of our customers.

Our Activities
Our main area of activity are in providing Cathodic Protection supplies & services. The inspection side of the division has been developed in conjunction with Cathodic Protection services to utilize the past experience of our personnel, and this offering our client this additional expertise, if required.

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